Why should you spend more time bathing?

What kind of a shower person are you ? The “Why do I need to shower if I am all clean” type ? or, “Hop in & hop out” type ? or the “I forget the world when I am in shower” ? Whichever type you are, you really need to know why you must make more time for a shower. 

As a mother of a 3 year old, a marketing professional and a Capricorn, I take my bath time very seriously. Why, don’t you know? Capricorns are the second most cleanliness finicky zodiac sign (after Virgos). Spring cleaning comes six times a year for me but I digress here. Bath time - The few moments that I steal from each day to be alone and relaxed. You see the choice of water temperature is mine alone - No haggling with husband like we do on the Air-conditioner, the choice of music is mine - No haggling with the little one on playing ‘Baby Shark’ on a loop. My bath is my most favorite personal time of the day and it energizes me (or calms me) as I would like it. 

Vilasa Bath Ritual

Did you get distracted with the Cheetah in the bathroom in the header image ? I came across this image while browsing the most stunning bathrooms of the world at SandinMysuitcase - an interesting travel blog by Janice & George. Picture credits: Jamala wildlife lodge, Canberra, Australia. This shower separating the cheetah and me with a glass wall sends chills of another kind.

It all starts with the vibe - A great bath is taken in great bathrooms. I never miss an opportunity to find a great bathroom in the various Airbnb's when we (used to) travel. Little hacks for you to create your bathing space as an inviting space would be - 

  1. A really clean bathroom without any dampness
  2. A good shower head (get it cleaned monthly for best shower experience)
  3. Clean & organized shelves & cabinets
  4. All worn clothes tucked away in a laundry bag (not hanging on the towel rack)
  5. A candle or room mist to create some pleasant fragrance
  6. Quirky or inspiring quotations hung around the wall
  7. A plush foot mat close by for stepping onto post your shower
  8. A plush bath robe to put on post your shower as you dry your hair or put on some lotion (I suggest you use this only in winters)
  9. Some music or podcast as per your mood for the day
With the vibes all set, I like to keep 2 to 3 different shower creams / gels / soaps accessible. There are days when I feel like having a refreshing bath and then there are other days when I am seeking a more relaxed or even sensuous feel. The key ingredient to a good shower however is not the shower gel but the water - the ultimate cleanser. Water falling on our bodies is therapeutic. While our ancestors were not putting hyaluronic acid to their faces, they were showering and this is a age old ritual that has healing powers. The incessant focus in Hindu mythology over holy bathing rituals (or Snaan) is believed to be derived from the healing properties of cold water.

Who does not love a nice hot shower? But, did you know that Cold showers supposedly trigger an increase in your metabolic rate, which results in an increase in white blood cell production and even helps boost your immunity. Cold water is also great for our hair and skin, as it helps minimize hair follicles (smoother hair) and increases blood circulation for the skin. For me personally, a cold shower energizes me. The burst of cold water creates an aura of alertness for me and I choose a cold shower when I am seeking alertness over relaxation.

I keep my body oil in my shower shelf and not hidden away with the creams and lotions in the vanity. That is because a rigorous application of body oil before (in summers) or after (in winters) the bath is my must-do ritual. The freshly bathed skin responds really well to oil application and stays well hydrated. Self Abhyanga, an age old Ayurvedic practice is just that - rigorous application of oil onto the skin that enhances blood circulation.

Sometimes, I like to listen to chants of ‘Om’ and recite along. Then there are days when revel in the tunes of Frank Sinatra. Of course there are days when I let Arijit Singh take over. Music, however, for me is more to block the noise from the outside world to be able to listen to my own thoughts better. As I dress, firmly plonked on my once plush, now mundane bath mat, I go from my dreamy bath mode to my boss lady mode - ready to take on the world!

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When you immerse your senses in rejuvenating experiences, when you connect with your inner power, you acquire the inspiration to chase your dreams. New possibilities open up, and a deep calmness gravitates you to take the world in your stride.

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