If my skin could talk

Helllo ! Am I audible? Really? You are telling me that you can hear me? That is such a relief. Wait, let me sit comfortably before I start. 

The lady in the featured image of this edit is Rani Vijaya Devi. Read more about this talented beauty counted amongst the top 10 beauties of India here. She looks out of this picture like I want to look at you now.

I am skin. I am the largest organ to your body but you already know that. What you do not know is that I never get taken seriously. Which other organ have you abused so much through your life? The abuse includes all of the below - 

  1. You never drink enough water - All the attention seeking organs take their share of the hydration and poor me, I loose so much of it to the air that I yearn for that next glass of water that you will drink. No! Not that soda again. I will be dehydrated even more.
  2. You sleep with makeup on - You would never do that your large intestine - You would relieve yourself if it's loaded (ahemm).
  3. You apply incredulous varieties of creams, serums, gels, lotions without understanding what I really need. Do you do that your other organs too? Like eat any and every medicine that is available for renal health to impact your kidneys? Then why me?
  4. You give in to the temptations of the tongue (how I hate this organ !). You eat oily and spicy food. You drink up (not water). Where is the consideration for my nutrition? I’m just thankful that you do not smoke. I know some of my other skin friends who face the brunt of smoking too and it’s just unbearable to see their plight.
  5. You pop the zits. Why? I wish you would leave it alone or seek professional help to take care of it. Would you do the same to your gall bladder ? Pop out the gall stones ? Then why me ?
  6. You stress out. Suddenly, some days, your work colleague or client issues become more important than your own self and you stress so much that you cause me to break out. This is purely insensitive.

There is more that I could be whining about. But I will stop here. The wise one’s know when to stop.

Just remember that I need you to think fondly of me, pamper me, care for me, let me be - like you do for everyone you love. Trust me I will be there for you when you need me - daily. I will shine and exude the confidence that you feel inside. 

Signing off,

Your Skin

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