Our Inspiration

Taking care of one's self should be simple & joyous.

Our early research took us to the higher reaches of Himalayas where we found the exquisite apricot kernel oil. We started with such indigenous, time tested ingredients and a vision for self care products that focused on ‘simplicity’, ‘effectiveness of rituals’ and ‘elevated experiences’.

The Making

After over 20 months of rigorous research & development, we bring to you VILASA. We have worked meticulously with our manufacturers with a shared vision to celebrate the rich heritage of Indian origin ingredients & remedies. With a curious mind, an eager heart and a sensitive nose, we picked potent ingredients and pushed out the nasties to curate each product meticulously. A picture speaks a thousand words and we chose to have captivating landscapes as our packaging to express our vision for VILASA - to transcend you to a place of tranquility and ‘me-time’. We have carefully chosen the glass bottles & jars and occasionally the recyclable pet plastic (where really needed) to bring to you the ‘as near to sustainable’ and ‘practical’ as possible.

The People

Shipra , Aditya and Karan cherish the vision of making wellness a priority rather than a treat. The intensive roller coaster ride of having built Tattva Spa as the most trusted Premium Spa brand in India has been a success. They have put their collective 30 years of knowledge, research & know-how on deep consumer understanding, pure ingredients, clean beauty, Ayurveda, modern manufacturing processes and cosmetology. The long, meticulous journey culminates (or begins) with VILASA - a simplified skincare products brand accentuated by the Rituals of SLEEP, AWAKEN & CELEBRATE.

Our Promise

Like our Tattva Spas, VILASA will take you on a sensorial journey. A journey of rituals which wades through eons of heritage and tradition, evolves through science and nature and culminates in curiosity, discovery, simplicity and nourishment.