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Rakshabandhan, the traditional Indian festival of celebrating the bond amongst siblings, is one of the most favourite festivals. Getting ready for Rakhi and preparation of the pooja thaali - all decked with red tikka, rakhi, some sweets and a diya is an annual ritual across Hindu households in India. Tying the Rakhi or the sacred thread as a symbol of wishing a long, healthy life for the brother (or, in today’s equal world, sister). Exchanging sweets and gifts of pampering add to the festive feels. According to an old legend in Mahabharat, the first reference to Rakshabandhan comes with Draupadi and Krishna as the key protagonists. Seeing, Krishna bleed, Draupadi ties a piece of her saree around Krishna's bleeding finger. An emotionally overwhelmed Krishna promised to protect her for life. As the story goes, following this promise, Krishna did come to her rescue when she was in danger. Rakshabandhan means protection and bond; it is quite a bond of protection. 

My mother used to sit my brother & me down on the day of Rakhi and go all melodramatic with,”We might not always be there to take care of you both, but you both will always have each other to turn to in times of difficulties in life”. While, Rakhi traditionally celebrates the bond between a brother & sister, it is today a celebration of the bond of sibling love. It is one of the most beautiful festival which is never complete without some fun exchange of Gifts.

We, at VILASA, curated some interesting Gift boxes for Rakhi. With goodies from VILASA & FOURSEVEN, these boxes are a fun way to go on a trip of nostalgia with your sibling and say you truly care. Go on and choose from this lovely collection:


This gift is ideal for that sibling who is your partner in crime or is your pampered little sibling/friend. I recommend this as it has a Tattva spa gift voucher worth rupees 2500. In addition, this box has other goodies that are the very definition of pampering and self-care. 


"I didn't hit you…

I just high-fived your face!" 

Have a sibling/friend who says things like this? If yes, then The drama gift combo. Give them some moments of me-time to relax and unwind. 


"Beta, usko dekho, learn from him/her." There is always that one sibling/friend who is perfect in your parents' eyes. They are an example that needs to be followed. For them, we recommend the Shine On gift box. It contains a shine bright scented candle and a personalised note. 

At times, it is the other way round. There is a sibling that you look up to. For them, we recommend the Always Cool gift combo. 


Exams hai? koi bat nahi. There is always that one person who is not worried about their performance in school. For such a sibling, we have Our Lucky Charm gift box. The perfect choice for that friend/sibling is constantly spreading joy and living worry-free. This is the Lucky Charm for your undying love for each other! 

I know what gift I am going to give, have you?

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