Don't be Monika

"It's just the humidity!" laments Monika in Friends every time her hair breaks into a ball of frizz. We hear her angst at the challenge she faces in maintaining a well-groomed face with the hair issues. Monsoons bring forth challenges of hair fall and frizyy, dull, lifeless hair. We, at VILASA are cheer leaders of embracing our real selves with all the imperfections. We, at VILASA are also champions of the cause of simple self-care regimes adopted to be the best versions of our selves – with the most loved skin & hair – shall we say?

Did you know that while all hair types get frizzy in humid weather conditions, it is the wavy, uneven textured hair that become severely unruly and rise up like little springs on the scalp? Hair gets frizzy when it absorbs moisture from the air. The simple solution is to keep your hair adequately hydrated. This can be coupled with other rituals that nourish and repair the hair. Both our hair and skin need a bit of extra attention during the monsoon season. 

If you can, avoid using excessive hair styling tools. The heat from hair styling tools further dehydrates the hair making it prone to frizziness and damage. If you need to style your hair, use heat-protective spray or serum before styling and do remember to say sorry to your hair afterwards with a nice champi oil massage to get the nourishment back in.

When it comes to your achieving all time great hair, it is a long journey of tender love and care. One solution does not work for all hair. Find what suits you and stick to it – with a routine. Here are a few simple do's and don'ts – 

  • Regular cleansing is the most basic of hair care regimes. Ensure that the dust, grime does not get a chance to accumulate and cause damage to your scalp & hair follicles. Choose a shampoo that is not too harsh and stay away from harmful chemicals. This however should not be at the cost of leaving your hair un-clean. 
  • Make a point to condition your hair after every wash. Today, there are numerous great conditioners with natural ingredients which come from long standing clinical researches. Try not more than 2-3 at a time and stick to what works for your hair. Here you can also oil your hair shafts with cold-pressed coconut oil. Don't oil the roots and scalp. 
  • Pamper your scalp with a good oil massage at least twice a week. The benefits of a blood circulation and healthy scalp will go a long way in developing healthy hair. Ayurveda prescribes daily head massage with oil but we understand that might not be practical.
  • If your hair gets wet in the rain, wash it as soon as possible. The dampness of rain on an unclean scalp is literally like slush on your scalp. We do not want to scare you, but it is the primary cause for higher hair-fall in monsoons.

This monsoon dance along the beats of the rain without worrying about your hair. Just like the drops of water that string together evoking the images of a lovely pearl necklace, let your little efforts come together to help you achieve healthy hair. 

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