Why Opt For GMO-Free Skincare?

How Did GMO Enter The Beauty Industry?

GMO ingredients first entered the wellness and food industry. With the adoption in the food industry, these ingredients were also endorsed and embraced in skincare. The early GMOs adopted in cosmetics and skincare were plant-derived. GMOs are used in skincare for packing a higher level of a specific ingredient, such as lauric acid, which is a key ingredient in soaps, and is enhanced using canola. Other ingredients used in various skincare products are also derived from natural sources such as papaya, coconut, and corn.

Why are we GMO free?

The primary idea behind developing GMO's was to improve food security across the world. Slowly, as people realized the potential of the technology behind GMO, extracts derived from GMO's entered the beauty and wellness space. However, over the past decades as more and more research is being done towards the long term implication of GMO's on our health, people are realizing the potential downsides of GMOs, and they want to move away from it. The skin plays a vital role in keeping one healthy and acts as a barrier against several toxins and pathogens. However, this barrier is a living barrier and it needs to be nourished. 

With all the stressors that our skin has to go through everyday, we don't want to push out products that stress out your skin further. All VILASA products are designed to soothe, nourish and cleanse your skin in the kindest way possible.

GMO products - Let’s Break It Down

Genetically Modified Organisms or GMOs are organisms genetically engineered in the laboratory to alter the state in which they would naturally occur. GMOs include a variety of organisms such as modified Bt Corn grown in the fields. Bt corn has the innate property to be toxic to certain kinds of pests. Genetic modification and engineering can be done in animals, plants, and microorganisms to combine their genes. These organisms with modified genes could not otherwise be found in nature through methods of traditional crossbreeding. GMOs used in the manufacturing of certain products may have a long-term ill impact on the health of their consumers, such as modified corn in cornstarch and corn syrup. According to a study published in the National Centre for Biotechnological Information, consumption of GMOs may lead to the development of diseases in humans that may become immune to antibiotics.

How we compare GMO vs Non-GMO in Skincare

Skincare should not be a risky affair. GMOs enter your skincare routine when your cosmetic formulation has botanical ingredients with modified genes that are grown by farmers across the world. Some GMO ingredients include canola, soy, sugar beets, amino acids, papaya, and yeast products, among others. These ingredients are used in moisturisers, eye creams, shampoos, lotions, conditioners, and exfoliants. In a report published in the American Academy of Environmental Medicine, GMOs lead to ill impacts such as accelerated ageing, protein formation, and cell signaling.

Choosing non-GMO skin care requires consumers to be careful of the labels. Although there are no norms to label the products GMO-free, some companies mark their products as Non-GMO or 100% organic. Therefore, consumers must be on the lookout for Non-GMO skincare products including wild harvested produce, organic oils, and naturally derived minerals.

At VILASA, we try to keep our ingredient sourcing as local as possible. Like this we try to ensure the quality of our products. All our products are GMO free and natural.

For VILASA, GMO-free is not a trend

Curated from the house of Tattva Spas, India’s leading Spa brand, our skincare bath & body indulgences have undergone years of rigorous research & development.

GMO-free skincare is rooted in providing the wholesome benefits of nature’s most effective ingredients to the body. Studies are underway to examine how non-GMO skincare formulations protect you from healthcare issues.

So, go ahead and care for your body with gentler GMO-free skincare products for healthier skin.

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