Introducing the Power of Aromatherapy for Your Home

The smell is likely the most underrated sense that we possess. It can evoke nostalgia and disgust and profoundly affect our well-being. The aroma of a mother’s cooking can make a child feel hungry, the fragrance of a new home can trigger happy memories, and the smell of fresh linen can induce sleep. Our daily experiences with scents give them deep meaning and evoke powerful memories. 

For thousands of years, humans have used the power of aromas to enhance their lives. Ancient civilizations understood the importance of fragrances, and burning incense or sweet-smelling wood is an age-old practice in many parts of the world. Some essential oils, such as citronella, were used to keep away disease — we now know that citronella wards off mosquitoes. Neem leaves and oil have been used for their antibacterial properties. We can embrace some of these ancient practices to revitalize our homes.


The significance of scents

Our sense of smell is strongly linked with memory formation, which is why certain smells can evoke a particular time in your life. Certain smells, such as peppermint, can be energizing, whereas others can have a calming effect. Some scents are even shown to increase concentration and aid mental clarity. Every person is unique and will interact with smells differently. Try out different combinations of scents and see what effect they have on you. Here are some ways in which we can add aroma magic to your home:


1) Restful Sleep

After a rough day, we often find our thoughts wandering, and sleep becomes elusive. Along with good sleep hygiene, we recommend a pillow spray to add a calming scent to your sleep routine. Look for ingredients such as lavender and balsam that have soothing properties. A humidifier with essential oils may also be beneficial if you live in a dry climate.


2) An Energetic Home Gym

Need to push yourself to train harder? Try adding invigorating smells, such as coffee, musk wood, and spice to energize your brain into action. A diffuser with scented oil or a scented candle is a great addition. Citrus scents such as orange, lemongrass, and lime are also shown to boost energy levels.


3) Mental Clarity in the Workspace

As work from home becomes the norm, it is strongly suggested that we separate the work area in our home from the other areas where we do leisure activities. A smell can serve as an effective marker for our workspace, which provides effective stimulation for mental clarity. We suggest a candle with Neroli to bring positivity to your workspace. 


4) A Scented Garden

The most natural way to a pleasantly scented entryway is to plant scented flowers in your garden. If you do not have space for a garden, consider placing pots of sweet-smelling flowers on your balcony. 

Night flowering jasmine, roses, tuberoses, and frangipani trees are all great options for providing natural healing scents to the home. As a bonus, these plants will welcome butterflies and birds into your home. A green, fragrant space will have you feeling calm instantly. 


5) Bathing Rituals

A quick, utilitarian shower may be the everyday norm, but there will always be days when you need to pamper yourself. A luxurious soap, a great head massage oil, and a scented candle can elevate a bath into a wellness ritual. The steam from a hot bath can carry fragrances exceptionally well. A bath bomb can also be a great addition to the smell-scape of your bath.


6) An Inviting Kitchen

Soothing herbal teas and freshly baked bread can provide naturally welcome scents to the whole house. Cinnamon, vanilla, and rosemary are common ingredients in aromatherapy. Use such sweetly scented herbs in your food or simply steep them to create a fragrant infusion and make a peaceful sanctuary in the kitchen.


Human moods undergo natural fluctuations. Scents can help us master these variations in our favour. The human brain is naturally drawn to odours. The limbic system, which is related to emotion, is activated in response to scents. We often associate certain smells with particular emotions and memories. For example, the fragrance of fresh flowers is often associated with romance and happiness. 

Adding aromas to the home should not mean exposing ourselves to fake smells found in commercial air fresheners. It does not have to mean using aerosols that damage the environment. Gentler, safer methods such as diffusers and candles can add a natural aroma to the home. We recommended VILASA’s range of soy candles that give a soot-free experience and a wonderful dose of fragrance.

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When you immerse your senses in rejuvenating experiences, when you connect with your inner power, you acquire the inspiration to chase your dreams. New possibilities open up, and a deep calmness gravitates you to take the world in your stride.

Thinker @ VILASA