How aromatherapy works

Aromatherapy is about holistic wellness. It is the art and the science of extracting and using plant-derived essential oils to improve overall health. First, however, it is essential to understand what aromatherapy is to reap its benefits. How does aromatherapy work, and how does it help holistically maintain good health.  

Understanding holistic wellness

Health is many times seen as physical health or mental health. However, it is interconnected. Studies have shown that there is a strong link between mental and physical health. 

Aromatherapy is a tool for maintaining good health and not a solution for health issues. One big difference needs to be kept in mind between aromatherapy products and various types of other non-aromatherapy aromatic products. While aromatherapy products have 3%-5% aromatic oil concentration, other non-aromatherapy aromatic products will probably have 5%-40% aromatic oil concentration. This difference in concentration is because aromatherapy oils must be mixed with carrier oils so they don't cause significant irritation to the skin or the respiratory tract. Other non-aromatherapy aromatic products use fragrance oils, which don't impact a person's health and have a pleasant scent. 

To get started with aromatherapy products, we highly recommend using our aromatherapy candles or our diffuser oil combos

Aromatherapy and holistic health

Aromatherapy helps take care of the mind, body and spirit. For maintaining good health, a routine consisting of enough quality sleep, a well-balanced diet and exercise are necessary. However, modern-day stressors can make maintaining such a lifestyle difficult. This is where aromatherapy products come in.  

A use case example that can be looked at is sleep. Sleep Foundation says, "a good night's sleep is important for those who exercise regularly. Sleep allows your body to recover from the previous day. Getting enough rest after a workout strengthens your muscles and tissues, which can help you avoid fatigue and exercise-related injuries. Conversely, poor sleep may lead to lower physical activity levels during the day." High levels of stress and anxiety can reduce our quality and quantity of sleep. Hence at times, we need to create nighttime rituals that help us destress. Here, using products containing Ylang Ylang oil can help. Ylang Ylang oil is known to help ease anxiety, stress and tension. Our products containing Ylang Ylang oil are deep sleep roll-on and forest yogi diffuser oil

Similarly, aromatherapy uses other essential oils and oil blends to help with pain, staying focused, etc.  

Indulge with VILASA’s roll on remedies that are crafted to ease the day to day concerns caused by daily stressors. The correct usage and application of these roll on aromatherapy oils can ease a cold or headache or help improve focus and so many more uplifting benefits.

Aromatherapy is nothing but natural method to wellness that is derived from the bounty of nature. It is a melange of aromatic essential oils & compounds that contribute their share towards tending to your holistic wellness & catering to your needs!


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