Just Love Aromatherapy Body Wash, a Rejuvenating Showering Experience with the Fragrance of May Flower

When it comes to managing our work along with our lives (family and friends), sometimes the only moments we have to ourselves are when we are having a bath. Make the most out of this moment you have in the simplest way possible. Make it a moment when you pause and reflect about how you are feeling about yourself and everything about you; find your rhythm. 

“Life is about rhythm. We vibrate, our hearts are pumping blood, we are a rhythm machine, that's what we are.” - Mickey Hart. Rhythm makes you flexible. It reminds you of how powerful you are. You can change the rhythm of your life by changing specific sequences and patterns. A bath can be an opportunity to help you realign your rhythm and find calmness. People often add scented candles to make their baths relaxing and calming. May flower scent is one such relaxing scent that can be a part of your bath ritual. 

Mayflower is a beautiful spring bloom that lavishes you with great smell. Quite popular in parts of the US, we recently added it to our popular range of shower gels. A bath is not just for cleaning ourselves but also for relaxation. This fragrant bottle is sure to make your morning shower routine a pleasant one. This newly launched mayflower shower gel is not only effective in locking moisture and providing softness, but also promises you a rejuvenating showering experience. It helps create a relaxed atmosphere and removes dirt and oil from the skin, leaving behind a gentle scent that leaves you feeling fresh all day long.

One of the ingredients of this shower gel, the beautiful Mayflower, is also known as Epigaea repens, trailing arbutus, or ground laurel. It is a low spreading shrub mostly found from Newfoundland to Florida, west to Kentucky and the Northwest Territories. They are pale pink to nearly white and are loved for their fragrance. The flowers almost look like tiny dots amongst the plant’s cylindrical leaves. Mayflower generally grows in shady wildflower gardens, hence you may often find them between fallen leaves. 

According to plant folklore, this spring-blooming plant was the first flower to please the hearts of the Pilgrim Fathers after the first cold winters in England. Hence, Trailing Arbutus is also referred to as Plymouth Mayflower. Also, historians believe that this ancient plant has existed since the last glacial period! Trailing Arbutus also has medicinal properties. It is believed that Native Americans used different parts of the plant for several ailments like kidney disorders and abdominal pains.

VILASA's Just Love is formulated to give you a rich, luxuriant bathing experience. Pamper your skin with the goodness of Mayflower Shower Gel. For desired results, we suggest using it twice daily.

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When you immerse your senses in rejuvenating experiences, when you connect with your inner power, you acquire the inspiration to chase your dreams. New possibilities open up, and a deep calmness gravitates you to take the world in your stride.

Thinker @ VILASA