Warm Up this Diwali with Aromatherapy Candles

Growing up, as kids, we would check out the houses around our neighborhood, seeing how various people have gone around decorating their homes. We would always be making mental notes of what we like so that next time we would try to incorporate these aspects into our festive decorations.

Festive decoration is what brings the festive spirit home. They set the tone for festivities as well as bring back all the happy memories that have been made with your loved ones over the years. Once again it is time to make the most out of it. Festivities are more about creating a warm and positive atmosphere along with spending quality time with loved ones. Aromatherapy candles are a great way to add some warmth to your home. We have got some candle decoration tips and tricks up our sleeves that we are sharing with you. But before you incorporate scented candles into your décor, it is good to know a bit about each type of scent.


Choosing Aromatherapy Candles

All our senses play an important role in creating and collecting memories. Smells can trigger emotions, memories and as well as help create new memories. This Diwali, choose a scent that elevates your Diwali celebration. Some of our scented candles have a celebratory aromatherapy blend. Other scented candles have a more citrusy scent, while others have a more woody smell. It's time to immerse your spaces in our indulgent aromatherapy candles & create your sensory haven. We have one for every occasion and any mood. When it comes to decorating with candles, the décor is not just dependent on the candle arrangement but also about what is being done around the candle.


Aromatic Diwali Décor

Add something special to your Diwali decorations and make a water rangoli. Take a brass thali, rub some coconut oil on the plate and draw your rangoli design on it. Once the design is ready, slowly pour some water along the sides of the thali. Once thali is full of water, place some VILASA's Aromatherapy Tealight candles in the water. VILASA has both scented and unscented tealight candles that can be used for all your decorative purposes. In case you are planning to use the unscented tealight candles, you can add a few drops of VILASA's aromatherapy diffuser oil of your choice to the water.

If you have got an urli at home, you can fill it up with water and add VILASA’s Forest Yogi diffuser oil. The diffuser oil has a well rounded floral and woody fragrance. Next, add the flower petals of your choice to the water.  


Candle Arrangements

One of our suggestions is to use different-sized candles to create a beautiful warm centerpiece in the main living area. Perhaps you can incorporate VILASA’s  Celebrate - Soy Wax Scented Candle at the centerpiece decoration. This candle has a deep and rich lotus scent. Then place unscented VILASA tealight candles and decorative divas of your choice around the candle in a circular spaced-out fashion. You can also incorporate some marigold flowers in the previously described candle arrangement as well.

Another simple to execute Diwali decoration idea is to have tall glass vases and add some decorative stones and flowers to them. The next step would be to fill it up with water with little space left at the top. Place a VILASA scented tea light candle in the water and let it float.

The VILASA candles can be used in multiple different ways and it brings out the warmth and cheer in your decorations. Explore our range of VILASA candles now!

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