The skin-soul connection

Skin and mind are connected, and to some extent, we can say that the skin is a window to a person's mental state. We tend to blush when we are embarrassed, our palms get sweaty when we are nervous, etc. Recently we came across an interesting story. It was the story of a young girl who had found a way to manage her chronic skin disease by managing her stress level and anxiety. She had been on her journey to find techniques that are helpful and that she enjoys. 

There is also to show that there is a skin and mind connection that exists. According to a study by Harvard, acute or chronic stress levels can lead to the weakening of the skin barrier. Further, the communication channel between the skin and the mind is a two-way channel. As explained by the article, " For example, the skin produces stress hormones in response to ultraviolet light and temperature and sends those signals back to the brain. Thus, psychological stressors can contribute to stressed-out skin, and environmental stressors, via the skin, can contribute to psychological stress, perpetuating the stress cycle.

How does stress affect our skin?

Stress impacts our skin not just directly but indirectly as well. Acute or long-term stress can impact our sleep. Lack of sleep also affects the skin. According to research regular lack of sleep affects the skin in the following ways:

  • hanging eyelids
  • swollen eyes
  • darker under eye circles
  • paler skin
  • more wrinkles and fine lines
  • more droopy corners of the mouth
  • skin that ages faster
  • skin that doesn’t recover as well from environmental stressors like sun exposure
  • less satisfaction with your skin quality

Managing stress and sleep is the long-term recommended approach for keeping skin issues at bay and maintaining good health in general. 

While stress and sleep are an important factor that influence your skin health, even the products that are applied on the skin have an effect on your health and wellbeing. The skin is more than a protective layer that covers your body. It also absorbs some of the things that it comes in contact with.  

Mindful skincare routine

It is not just your mental state and stress levels that affect your skin, the products you apply also have an impact on it. Your body absorbs through the skin as well. While sometimes this type of absorption is helpful, it is not helpful in other cases. Medicated patches and topical ointments when applied to the skin are helpful to the body. On the other hand if toxic products get absorbed through the skin it can lead to health issues. Aromatherapy and ayurvedic products are made with time tested ingredients and processes.  At VILASA our products are made  with care and keeping the wellbeing of our customers. For example, VILASA’s coconut oil is 100% natural, Virgin, Cold Pressed, Single Origin oil from the groves of Kerala. 

Managing stress and mindful skincare with VILASA

Aromatherapy is the use of essential oils that can be mixed in with carrier oils or used as diffuser oils to help improve overall well-being. Essential oils are safe for skin application only when they have been mixed in with a carrier oil. Aromatherapy roll-ons that are designed for skin application always contain a carrier oil along with an essential oil. Pure essential oils are used as diffuser oils in a diffuser. The essential oils and the blend of essential oils used as part of aromatherapy practice Aromatherapy is a complementary approach that should be paired with lifestyle changes such as meditation and exercise.   

At VILASA we have a range of aromatherapy products that help improve sleep quality. For example, our Deep Sleep roll-on contains -   

  • Ylang Ylang aids sleep & elevates a dreary mood at the day's end
  • German Chamomile relaxes the mind
  • Frankincense oil which promotes an element of peace & contentment

Another aromatherapy product that helps the mind relax is Kashmiri Lavender diffuser oil. Kashmiri Lavender Diffuser oil calms the mind & helps overcome anxiety & insomnia. Soothing, calming & comforting aromatherapy that helps you relax & unwind. Let VILASA help you get tucked in for a good sleep tonight. Give these products a try and see the change over some time. 

When it comes to hair oils, we have cold pressed single origin oils as well as ayurvedic oils such as Neelbhringadhi and Keshwardhak. Neelbhringadhi hair oil contains Nilika Swaras, Bhringraj Swaras, and Gunja among others that are prescribed to promote hair growth, prevent hair loss & fight dandruff accumulation. VILASA’s Keshwardhak hair oils contain Awala Swaras & Jeshthamadh (licorise) among others to promote long & strong hair. While the ingredients in the hair oil take care of the symptoms of stress, i.e, greying hair; here are a few things that you can do during a head massage that can help reduce stress. While massaging your head, go down the back of your neck to the shoulder well that is located inbetween the edge of the shoulder and the base of your neck. Here, use the thumb to apply firm, circular pressure to this point on both sides, left and right for one minute. This helps relieve the tension in the shoulder and neck that inturn helps reduce headache.

All VILASA products such as our elbow and foot therapy cream are made from natural, organic and time tested ingredients. The elbow and foot therapy cream hydrates & nourishes from deep within, while fighting signs of stress such as wrinkles and cracked heels resulting in smooth, velvety skin. So, pick your VILASA favourite product knowing we have your best interest at heart. 

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