Bodhi - Clay Aroma Oil Diffuser & Burner

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Carefully crafted for a long-lasting aromatherapy experience, Vilasa’s aroma oil diffusers are good for home & office use. Immerse your home & office in our indulgent aromatherapy fragrance oils for your personal sensory haven. We have one for every occasion, and every mood ~ promote feelings of joy, rest, balance & love as and when you need them.

Crafted with Precision: Vilasa’s ceramic diffusers are fabricated with precision for the most effective heat transmission & aroma dispersion in your spaces for a long-lasting aromatherapy experience.


Usage & Maintenance:

  • Add water to the top saucer
  • Light a T-light candle in the holder below
  • Add a few drops of Vilasa’s premium aromatherapy oil to the water & immerse your senses in the mood of your choice
  • Post every usage, drain the water & clean the top saucer with a moist cloth for effective aroma dispersion
  • Clean the diffuser at least twice a week
  • Keep away from children at all times

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Who is this product suitable for?

Recommended for anyone wishing for a premium aromatherapy experience in their home of office space

Will this oil used with this oil burner cause skin irritation or redness?

Yes – this oil is not to be used for skin application and is not fit for human consumption. Do not inhale directly. Avoid contact with eyes and any inner areas.

How to use this aroma oil diffuser at home or office?

Add 2-3 drops of this premium aromatherapy oil in the diffuser burner. Please pre-fill the diffuser with water. Switch on / light the candle, and indulge in your personalized aromatherapy experience.

Where has this product been made?

This diffuser oil has been hand-made by artisans based in Uttar Pradesh - a skill & vocation that has been passed on through generations!

When should I use this aroma diffuser / oil burner?

Any time of the day –for an aromatherapy experience at home or office

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