Tips, Techniques & Benefits of Using a Body Scrub

Do you know, just like your face, the skin on other body parts also comes in contact with several daily irritants due to environmental conditions and lifestyle? Your body’s skin gets exposed to free radicals and pollutants, along with UV exposure. So, your body needs the same attention and care as your face. It needs a renewing embrace, repair, and relaxation regime regularly. So, if your daily skin ritual is limited only to a bar of soap or a jar of shower gel, it is time to gear up your skincare routine with body polish, body scrub, and exfoliation to regain a more natural and youthful look.

What are bath scrubs and exfoliation?

Body scrubs are famous skincare products, and lately, many types and formulations have hit the market. Apart from adding glow and leaving your skin super-smooth, these wonderful products come packed with other benefits.

Right from dead skin build-up and weather changes to oil residue and even stress, our skin combats several 'radiance-drainers' daily! The best solution to deal with these is to indulge in luxurious at-home spa time with exfoliating body scrubs.

Benefits of using Body Scrub

A body scrub removes dead skin cells, cleanses and illuminates the skin, and increases blood circulation through exfoliation. Also referred to as a body polisher or a body exfoliate, body scrub stimulates collagen, reduces signs of aging, and nourishes the body by removing skin impurities and eradicating dead skin.

Furthermore, the regular skin ritual of scrubbing, cleansing, and exfoliating enhances the result of other grooming routines like waxing and shaving. Adding the scrubbing treatment to your daily skincare routine will give you healthy skin with improved texture and appearance, clean and free from oil, sweat, and dirt.

The need for Body Scrubs in Every Season

Our skin tends to become more dry and dull if not taken care of well, especially in dry seasons like Winter and Autumn! No matter how much we moisturize, it doesn't seem enough, and the skin cells continue to dehydrate faster, resulting in flaky and sensitive skin. While moisturizing remains an integral part of the winter skincare routine, scrubbing and exfoliating are crucial steps.

Moreover, body scrub and exfoliation, especially during the winters, restore fresh skin cells, retain the skin's natural oil content, and help in unveiling an even skin tone with a smooth finish. A good exfoliating body scrub enhances the benefits of your other skin grooming products like body oil, body moisturizer, and body cream, among others.

Choose the best body scrub for your skin type.

Dry skin

Dry (or flaky) skin needs scrubbing and exfoliation as a regular skin ritual. Choose a product that contains glycolic acid, as it will encourage healthy skin by removing the accumulation of dead cells from the skin's surface. If you want to scrub away dead and dull skin, try Vilasa’s Silken Body Polisher. The rich cane sugar and olive oil in this Body Polisher stimulate collagen as well as nourish and moisturize skin while ensuring perfectly radiant skin tone!

Sensitive skin

Folks with sensitive skin must avoid a regular scrubbing skincare routine. Once a week, you can try a mild chemical exfoliator that is non-abrasive and is enriched with soothing ingredients and lactic acid. For refreshed and cleansed skin, you can try the gentle and soothing Vilasa’s Gush Body Wash. This body wash will give your body long-lasting hydration with a mild foaming formula.

Oily skin

People with oily skin can benefit largely from body scrub and exfoliation as they may develop an extra layer of build-up on the skin's surface. Manual exfoliation will help brush off that layer with the help of small grains present within the body scrub. You can try Vilasa’s purifying Aabha Face & Body Scrub. While this scrub is effective on your body’s skin, it will fight blemishes, acne marks, scars, and pigmentation on the face. Enriched with linoleic acid and activated bamboo charcoal, the scrub particles ensure a healthy non-oily skin with a smooth velvety feeling.

Normal and combination skin

A problem-free, normal, and combination skin is best for any method of exfoliation (manual or chemical). Opt for a pH-balanced cleanser and scrub. However, quickly apply some moisturizer if you notice any dryness after exfoliation. We would recommend the indulgent Caressing Pods Bath Scrub, which will not only delay the signs of aging but will cleanse, exfoliate, and buff away the dead skin cells. Furthermore, the sunflower oil will help in locking the skin's natural moisture.


Techniques of applying a body scrub

For soft and smooth skin from head to toe, use the body scrub at least thrice a week (depending on the skin type). Here are the steps for the right application of exfoliating body scrub:

  1. Soften your skin with a lukewarm water shower for about five minutes.
  2. Stop the shower. Start applying exfoliating body scrub from your feet and move upwards to the torso towards the heart. This will help improve and enhance blood circulation in the body.
  3. Keep on massaging gently; do not apply a lot of pressure.
  4. Rinse your body thoroughly.
  5. Apply light body oil or a non-greasy lotion or moisturizer on slightly damp skin.

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