Self-Care Regime Till Your D-Day Arrives

When your wedding is just a few weeks away, and you are knee-deep in preparations, your self-care regime might go out of the window. Indian weddings are a lot of work. The list is never ending, from buying gifts and planning decor to finalizing attires and attending to the guests. But as the bride and groom, you must remember never to forget the most important person at the wedding – YOU. At the end of the day, the guests are coming to bless and celebrate you. You will be the center of attention. So, instead of looking anxious and worried about the to-do list, be prepared to glow.

 The glow that a bride and groom should have cannot be achieved overnight. Since you already have a lot on your plate, we have put together a few hacks to help you kick-start your self-care regime. A single session of makeup and facial won’t help you crack the code for the wedding glow you desire. So, consider this self-care regime as your wedding gift from us.


The Cleanser is Your New Best Friend

Trust us, a cleanser is your best friend during this stressful time. Let your family and friends take care of the wedding guest list while your cleanser works its magic on your skin. Make it a habit to cleanse and tone your face regularly; no cheating! Religious use of a cleanser will balance the pH level and leave your skin feeling plump. This is the first step of skincare for brides and grooms alike.


Body Care is the Way to Go

Along with skincare, your body requires some attention too. With all the trips you are going to take to the market, sun damage will be a primary area of concern. So, use products that nourish and protect your skin from unwanted sun damage. Choose a body wash that relaxes you to feel like the much-needed spa you never got the time to go for. Did you know that soaps are harsh and will strip your skin of all natural oils? Ditch them and give way to a soothing and fragrant body wash.


Do Not Scrap the Scrubs

A body and face scrub should be part of your ‘wedding prep’ essentials. These little buddies help delay the signs of aging and give you a radiant-looking complexion. A purifying body scrub also combats blemishes and scars that you might have, helping you unfold that even complexion. Only invite guests at the wedding, not uneven and dull skin!


We Scream Body Cream!

The trick to getting soft and supple skin is massaging your body with a carefully chosen body cream. The to-be bride and groom should have a body cream right in their self-care arsenal to use whenever a dry skin situation pops up. If the wedding tension is taking over you, do not fret because a body cream will fight stressed and tired skin as well. A go-to tub of hand, elbow, and foot cream is a sound investment to repair cracked heels; this will ensure your feet are taken care of.


Love the Face Mists

Do yourself a favor before the wedding countdown begins, and add a face mist to your self-care regime. Face mists have been around for a while but have not received the attention they deserve. In addition to adding a refreshing aroma, they provide hydration. All those long hours at shopping malls will leave your face dehydrated. Facial mists will help lock in the moisture and give that dewy look that everyone has been talking about.


A Spa date with friends

Your life is going to get busy with new relationships and new environments. Before it all gets started, a relaxed spa day with your friends squad is a great way to spend some quality time with them and work on your inner glow at the same time. A good massage releases the happy hormones (endorphins, serotonin and dopamine) that are sure to make you feel on top of the world.


Find your calm

In the busy days of preparing for your big day coupled with the never ending arguments with your future partner, the stress of it all can be a lot to manage. In all the chaos, find time to calm yourself. Put on your favourite music, light your favourite VILASA candle, and do what really pleases you. A happy bride is a glowing bride. I mean it for the groom too. Just that I feel the brides could do with more pampering !

Are you convinced, or do you want more reasons? Now get yourself and your better half the perfect pre-wedding gift. Strictly maintain a routine with these products and keep your beauty regime in check till the wedding day.

Grooms and #BridesofVILASA, take your skincare vows and get set to dazzle!

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When you immerse your senses in rejuvenating experiences, when you connect with your inner power, you acquire the inspiration to chase your dreams. New possibilities open up, and a deep calmness gravitates you to take the world in your stride.

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