Oil is well—Skincare with natural oils

Oils are the best kept secret behind healthy skin. Age old recipes and regimes of beauty and skincare are all about usage of locally available oils. Used as either single ingredient oil or as a blend of oils, these magic potions are great skin friends.

The talk of skin oils making your skin greasy and acne-prone has been going around forever couldn’t be further from the truth. Face oils are essential to fight any kind of skincare woes and are highly recommended by top dermatologists. The only way to revive that inner glow is using a variety of skin oils and achieving skin nirvana.

We, at VILASA, got our first inspiration of building an entire range of skincare & bath & body indulgences in the upper reaches of Himalayas. The inspiration was the amazing Apricot oil. Locally grown in Himalayan wilderness, at a height of more than 11000 ft above sea level, and used in a multitude of ways by the warm, welcoming locals who lead a life that is truly zero waste and holistically nourished.

Before we elaborate more on the Apricot oil, let’s get into the basics first. What are skin oils?

To iterate in simple words, these oils are your skin’s elixir! They work together with oils produced naturally by your skin to keep it balanced. Skin oils serve a number of purposes, but their ultimate benefit is an extra layer of protection for the skin. Different types of oils are suited for different skin types and one must know what works for their skin before adding an oil to their regular skincare regime.

  1. Coconut Oil :This one is the grandma’s favorite! Back in the days, our grandmothers’ special coconut head oil massage (champi) was a quick fix to a long and tiring workday. This oil not only works wonders for the hair but also is a great after-bath or after-shower oil sealing in the skin’s moisture and . Just a dash of Vilasa’s coconut oil on your skin is the secret to healthy-looking skin! Best for normal to dry skin.
  2.  Jojoba Oil :Anything that helps fades acne spots, blemishes and scars has our money. Jojoba oil regulates the production of sebum, thus keeping the skin soothed and moisturized. This oil-balancing property & the deep absorption in the skin makes sure you is nourished from within and glowing, while preventing the feeling of oily skin. Also it is an excellent oil to replace your day cream for gently hydration. Make sure to get yourself a bottle of Vilasa’s Jojoba oil before your wedding day and skip the salon appointment! Suitable for all skin types; extremely effective for dry to normal skin.
  3.  Walnut Oil :Tired Skin? No problem! Dark circles? We’ve got you! This oil is your one-stop solution for all skincare nightmares. Squeeze out a few drops of walnut oil in your palms and gently rub it until it’s warm right before applying it under the eyes. Escape the dark (circle) days by purchasing a bottle of Vilasa’s Walnut oil! Regular use of this oil will lighten your dark circles and give you an even tone. Watch how your makeup glides onto your skin perfectly on the big day without any appearance of dark circles! Excellent for oily and acne prone skin.
  4.  Apricot Oil :If you’re looking for a successful remedy to reduce wrinkles, fine lines, dullness and revive your skin’s natural tone, then look no further because this oil does all that and more! Among  it’s thousand benefits, the Apricot Oil replenishes the skin, restores the natural elasticity, and is a natural emollient leaving you with a soft texture. Welcome hydrated, supple and glowing skin. Aptly suited for dry to normal skin.

Nourish, nurture, and pamper your skin with these natural oils that give proven results. We’re not saying this, the whole world is talking about it! The use of these oils is not less than experiencing a heavenly spa.

Vilasa brings to you only 100% Pure, Cold Pressed, Single Origin oils. Certain skin types might experience a mild irritation or breakout with pure, cold pressed oils; Vilasa always recommends a patch test before widespread application and usage.

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