Clary Sage Oil

Acts as an antispasmodic to relax muscles and ease menstrual pain. Imparts analgesic properties to the user. It does a little bit of everything, helping to treat both the physical and emotional symptoms. A deeply relaxing oil, it also lifts mood and reduces stress levels

Jatamansi Oil

Helps in improving the blood flow throughout the body. It also has anti-spasmodic properties that helps reduce cramps, pain and discomfort during menstrual flow. The Jatamansi herb also acts as a solution to the aftermath of menopause for symptoms such as mood swings, sleep disturbance, dizziness, fatigue, headaches, difficulty in concentration.

Lemon Balm Oil

Reduces intensity of PMS pain - and also gives relief from indigestion & mood swings - has been used in homeopathic medicine for menstrual irregularities

Patchouli Oil

Used in Ayurvedic treatments extensively - it is rich in linoleic acid, and has anti-inflammatory properties


Sunflower Oil, Sesame Seed Oil, Almond Oil, Valerian Oil, Jatamansi Oil, Lavender Oil, Jasmine Oil, Holy Basil Oil, Bergamot Oil, Chamomile Oil


Rose Oil, Vetiver Oil, Ylang Ylang Oil, Frankincense Oil, Clary Sage Oil, Patchouli Oil, Geranium Oil, Lemon Balm Oil, Marjoram Oil, Vitamin E