Who is this Ayurvedic Hair Oil suitable for?

Recommended for people more than 18 years old

Is this Ayurvedic Hair Oil gender neutral?

Yes, this product is equally effective for all genders

How does this Ayurvedic Hair Oil prevent hair fall and lead to hair growth?

VILASA’s KESHWARDHAK HAIR OIL contains Bringraj Swaras, an Ayurvedic ingredient that is known as the "ruler ofthe hair". It promotes hair growth, prevents hair thinning and helps soothe scalp itchiness. As per Ayurveda, excessive hair fall occurs due to excess VATA, which might get associated with PITTA or KAPHA. In these cases, the hair becomes thin & weak, often accompanied by excess scalp dryness & undernourished hair follicles. Bhringraj Oil has an effect on balancing all the three Dosha. It reduces the VATA, KAPHA and rectifies the PITTA. The regular use of Hair Oil with Bhringraj increases the blood circulation to the scalp, thereby providing proper nourishment to the hair follicles.

When should I use this oil?

We advise usage minimum once weekly, and maximum twice a week

Where should I use this oil?

Apply on clean scalp. To improve blood circulation, massage the energy meridians in the centre of the head, the left & the right sections from the front to the back with your fingertips 4-5 times

What hair type is this oil suitable for?

Suitable for all hair types. Extremely effective to prevent hair loss & help hair growth

What is the life of this Ayurvedic Hair Oil?

The ideal life of this Ayurvedic hair Oil is 3 years

What is the landscape on the packaging of the Ayurvedic Hair Oil?

The nourishment that nature and Mother Earth provide at night, with the gentle sounds of a river flowing in your thoughts to encourage a calm & peaceful sleep.


This Product has been crafted for you in Sadatan Ayurveda Pvt Ltd. 8/2, Mouza Bodhala, Off Fetri, Kalmeshwar Rd, Nagpur- 441501 Mfg. Lic.: ND /C/ 52 the outskirts of Nagpur, in a world class Ayurvedic & FDA certified manufacturing facility amongst lush green fields.