Who is this product suitable for?

Recommended for people more than 16 years old

Is this product gender neutral?

Yes, this product is equally effective for all genders

How does this shower gel produce a smooth non-drying effect?

ECOCERT Certified Sodium Gluconate makes the skin soft & smooth, and Certified Organic Ale Vera Extract gives a gentle hydrated & smooth effect.

Where has this product been made? 

This Product has been made in "R.I.AYURVEDA RESEARCH LABS, 36/3A & 36/3B, DILSHAD GARDEN, INDUSTRIAL AREA, G.T.ROAD, DELHI-110095 Mfg. Lic.: E(0116)/13/CM" , a world class FDA approved manufacturing facility near the border of New Delhi & Uttar Pradesh.

When should I use this body wash?

We advise daily usage, once a day in the mornings. You could even wind down your day with a warm bath with this shower gel.

What skin type is this shower gel suitable for?

Suitable for all skin types. And extremely effective against oily & acne prone skin

What can I expect from this shower gel?

Gel based, pale yellow, a good aroma during usage, with a very smooth after usage feel on the body. Do not expect heavy foaming. We are a SLS free product

What is the life of this shower gel?

The ideal life of this body wash is 2 years. Vilasa advises usage within 6 months of opening.

What is the landscape on the packaging of this body wash?

The energy & wellness of the rising sun among the Himalayan forests. After all, nature has the most potent ability to cleanse the mind, body & soul.