SLEEP if you love your skin

We all deserve a little extra in our life, don't we? All the hard work, investment plans, family planning, and so on are for our better future. But how well are you handling your present to secure your future? 

All the stress that you take in your everyday life creates a huge impact on your mind, body, and soul. Therefore, it is always wise to take a step back once in a while. Not only does moving continuously impact your health but also your skin. In this fast-paced world, people are always in a rush. This makes them forget about their health many times which also includes the necessity of sleeping the recommended 7-8 hours. When at work, do you even tell yourself, “I think I should get a beauty sleep for 15 minutes”? 

If not, it is high time you start doing so. We at Vilasa strongly believe and highly recommend that people should invest in sleep rituals often. This is essential to help your body receive the rest, rejuvenation, and relaxation it deserves. Remember, when sleep is ignored, it immediately starts to hamper you in several unimaginable ways. Getting a good amount of sleep repairs the skin and aids recovery from inflammation. When rested properly, your skin starts to heal itself by keeping itself hydrated and preventing acne spots, dry skin, and unhealthy skin. Additionally, sleeping for the right amount of time contributes to strengthening the immune system with the release of cytokines to fight infections.

You should know that the benefits of sleeping are immense.

If you have been rushing your schedule and ignoring your sleep, it’s time you pay attention to it.  For a better experience, you can incorporate soothing face gels, aromatic candles, scented roll-ons, and more that will complement your sleeping ritual and elevate your mind and body.

  1. Maintain elasticity of the skin: Studies reveal that sleep deprivation increases the chances of the body developing its growth hormone levels. So, when you sleep, your body starts to secrete growth hormones, making adequate sleep immensely important to keep producing hormones and maintain collagen and elasticity. To enhance the skin elasticity, include the rich-formulated Age Defence Night Cream, enriched with natural ingredients to eliminate wrinkles and early signs of ageing.
  1. Bid farewell to dark circlesInadequate sleep for just 3-4 days is enough to cause under-eye dark circles. The formation of dark circles is very quick when the body lacks sleep. If you are having trouble sleeping, include Serenity Roll-On Remedy aromatherapy sessions at home for better sleep that rejuvenates, restores skin quality and heals you from within. With this, you are promised that your sound sleep and a peaceful mind.
  1. Recover from blemishes: Enough sleep offers skin maximum ability to recharge and act as a barrier against unwanted elements. When you sleep, your skin starts to heal. You can take the simple step of massaging your skin to experience magical benefits. And when you apply the goodness of nature, such as a Kashmir Body Butter, you can expect healthier and glowing skin.

So, let us take baby steps here. For that healthy skin and to enhance every minute of your sleep. As you prepare your journey for a peaceful night’s sleep, light up a Natural Soy Wax Candle enriched with earthy balsam that mingles with some refreshing hints of lemon to calm and relax you.  

Focus on cleansing, toning, and moisturizing to keep the skin rejuvenated and ensure using products as per your skin tone to help your skin cells prevent water loss and stay hydrated. 

Amplify your lifestyle and give your body the time to heal. You can include our exclusive range of skincare products that are designed to wind you down, promising a relaxing result every time you use them. They are perfect to set the mood during leisure hours, giving you the opportunity to relax and combat the negative energies generated with daily chores and stress.

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When you immerse your senses in rejuvenating experiences, when you connect with your inner power, you acquire the inspiration to chase your dreams. New possibilities open up, and a deep calmness gravitates you to take the world in your stride.

Thinker @ VILASA