Frankincense oil - The king of oils

Frankincense is an essential oil derived from the Boswellia serrata tree (found primarily in Middle East & Africa), is an ingredient of mythical proportions across civilizations

  1. Finds mention of being used as an Ayurvedic staple, extensively in Traditional Chinese Medicine, and even Cleopatra’s legendary beauty regimes.
  2. This oil is more than just one of the gifts that is related to the birth of Jesus Christ!
  3. Frankincense is considered sacred and has been used for hundreds of years across different religious ceremonies including anointment
  4. Frankincense essential oil has been dubbed “the king of essential oils”.

Frankincense resin from tree sap

This oil is associated with woody and lemony scents that are soothing for the mind and body. The oil is extracted from the sap of the tree when the bark is cut open. The resin is left to harden and then is scraped off the tree. Although the resin can be used dry as well, it is steamed to make the essential oil. Its anti-inflammatory and anti-cancer effects make it one of the most beneficial oils in the wellness world. It’s a favourite oil in aromatherapy because it works as an excellent expectorant to clear nasal blockages, encouraging relief from congestion and promoting easy breathing.

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Frankincense Oil for Skin

Frankincense essential oil is the right toner to add to your skincare regime if you’re fighting fine lines and the appearance of wrinkles. Add three drops of this oil to some jojoba oil and spread evenly across the face. This oil also helps in improving the skin’s natural elasticity and delays the signs of ageing. It can be considered an exfoliator to get rid of the dirt and grime buildup on the skin’s layer. The anti-inflammatory compounds present in the oil help stimulate the birth of new skin cells over the damaged skin cells. This results in a quicker healing process and escalates the skin’s recovery. Frankincense is also a natural astringent and is known for rejuvenating damaged skin , and reducing the appearance of stretch marks and scars. Also helps make the skin tone look balanced and even. For these reasons, it is often added to acne treatments, anti-aging products, and formulas to combat hyperpigmentation of the skin. It has an earthy, spiced scent that lowers stress levels & calms anxiety. 

Frankincense Oil for Hair

The beauty of frankincense oil is its ability to stimulate blood circulation to the scalp, promoting hair growth. Healthy hair is not hard to achieve with a dose of this essential oil. You will notice a lesser amount of hair fall, split ends, and tangles on regular usage. The shine in your hair is restored considerably without any extra greasiness. This oil reduces sebum production, thereby keeping oil accumulation in check. This helps to keep dandruff at bay. In all honesty, frankincense oil is the one-stop solution for all your skin, hair, and health woes.

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