A Guide to the Best Foot Cream This Winter

Our feet help us carry our weight every day. It just so happens that we neglect to take care of our feet and pay more attention to our faces. When we focus on using products to keep our face nourished and glowing, the question that we need to ask ourselves is, what do we do for our feet? The answer to this question is — not much. Now that the cold season has arrived, it is finally time to focus on taking care of our feet and providing them the needed nourishment that has been lacking for so long. 

An expensive salon pedicure is not the only way to have soft and beautiful feet. Following a simple home self-care regime for your feet can give you the best results. Allow us to share a simple foot care regime with you that will surely make you want to kiss your own feet. Well, with some yoga practice - you actually can!

What is a Winter Self-Care Foot Ritual?

We, at VILASA, have always emphasized the power of rituals. Simple self-care regimes, when followed consistently, have the power to transform. The winter foot care regime is a must in your wind-down ritual. Here is what you must do:

  1. Cleanse - Before you tuck yourself into the bed, cleanse your feet with lukewarm water and gently dry them. We all remember to do a face cleanse at the end of the day but often forget about the feet. Imagine all the germs you carry with you to bed when you do not cleanse your feet daily before bed. Our feet have sweat & grime from close contact with the dust on the ground. We cannot scare you enough. Remember to cleanse your feet!
  2. Dry - Make sure your feet are completely dry. Moisture can sometimes cause skin irritation and a foul smell.
  3. Massage & Hydrate -  Use a nourishing Foot therapy cream to gently massage your sole, spend some time on each little toe, around the heel, and the ankles. Use comfortable pressure and may we say, do not be in a hurry. We know you are already feeling relaxed and want to doze off, but do another round of foot therapy cream application to ensure complete hydration and pull on your socks for some time. Remember to remove the socks before you doze off.

This simple foot care regime can be accentuated occasionally by adding two more steps - A long bath salt dip for the feet & a nice foot scrub to plow away the dead skin. Did you know bath salt dips are known to pull away pains from our tired bodies? It is magical!

What is VILASA Elbow & Foot Therapy Cream?

There is so much more to healthy foot care than just appearance. If you think it’s all about scrubbing your feet or just a coat of lovely nail color then you are mistaken. Happy healthy feet need more; it needs a soothing therapy that can restore the lost moisture and skin texture. Don’t get us wrong when we say therapy, because now with VILASA elbow & foot therapy cream, it is a matter of a few minutes to provide therapy-like relief to our feet. 

When repairing cracked heels comes to mind, VILASA elbow & foot therapy cream is the only answer. Made with Organic Certified ingredients, this therapy Cream is a panacea for repairing cracked heels & dry elbows. What makes this product stand out is that it is not just beneficial for the feet but also for the elbow. It’s a win-win situation with VILASA therapy cream. Formulated using natural oils, this hydrates & nourishes from within. Whether you have cracked heels or wrinkly elbows, use the cream to improve skin texture and provide skin repair to give smooth and velvety skin. 

Benefits of VILASA Elbow & Foot Therapy Cream

VILASA Elbow & Foot therapy cream is just the perfect remedy for cracked & dry heels and rough elbows.  

  • Fights skin dullness
  • Provides hydration & nourishment
  • Restores & softens flaky Skin
  • Improves skin texture
  • Works as a natural skin softener 
  • Has anti-fungal & antiseptic properties
  • Fights wrinkled or damaged skin
  • Maintains the natural skin moisture

Why is it Important to Choose a Foot Cream?

It is not just about repairing cracked heels, using a foot cream is very crucial for other reasons as well. In today’s time when everything is moving so fast, it feels like we are always on our toes. By adding a good foot cream to your daily skincare ritual, we provide our toes the needed care that they deserve. A relaxing massage every day can be a little difficult for everyone but with VILASA Elbow & Foot Therapy cream, you can easily take care of your feet and provide them with the needed hydration and moisturization. You can experience a spa-like massage at home with this therapeutic cream as it has a soothing effect because of the beneficial properties of Tea Tree, Peppermint, Aloe Vera extract, and Lemongrass. Now you know how important it is to include a foot cream in your daily skincare regime so what are you waiting for? Add VILASA Elbow & foot therapy cream to your everyday skincare ritual.  

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