Awala Swaras- One of the Oldest Ayurvedic Medicine

Awala or Emblica Officinalis, known as Gooseberry, is an Indian superfood that dates back to the time of Ayurveda. It is commonly found in parts of Asia, especially in India. However, it is also grown in other countries like Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Southeast Asia, China, and Malaysia. Awala is a native Indian flowering plant that produces fruits in yellowish-green color. Awala plants possess a strong resistance against cold but cannot resist heat.  

According to the mythological stories, Awala is an ancient fruit. If some mythological stories are to be believed, Awala originated during the Amrit Manthan, or it was the tears of Vishnu when he saw Brahma’s dedication while meditating. Therefore, we can say this Ayurvedic plant has an ancient history. It is also considered the center point of the tradition of Ayurvedic medicine. 

Awala Swaras is basically Amla Juice that possesses all the beneficial properties of Awala. This super berry is also called Sarvadsha Hara because, during ancient times, it was considered the remover of all diseases. A great source of Vitamin C, Awala Swaras has 600 to 700 mg of it. It is one of the greatest antioxidants. Besides Vitamin C, it also contains other vitamins and minerals such as Vitamin B complex, calcium, iron, phosphorus, etc. 

How is Awala Swaras Beneficial for Hair?

Awala Swaras offers many nutritious & health benefits. Apart from this, it is also beneficial for the hair. 

  • Awala Swaras or Amla juice works as a good hair tonic; it prevents graying, dandruff, and hair fall. The best way to use it is while washing the hair. 
  • Amla juice helps strengthen hair follicles. Mix amla juice and lemon juice and apply them on the scalp. Use it to give strength to the hair roots and also shine to the hair. 
  • Many people nowadays have premature graying. Awala Swaras can help prevent it as it has vitamin C and antioxidants. 
  • Treating dandruff is no longer a problem. Amla juice prevents dandruff because of the presence of vitamin C. 
  • Amla juice helps in conditioning dry & rough hair. Using it while washing can make your hair look shiny and bouncy. 
  • Apart from strengthening hair, Awala Swaras juice also takes care of other problems such as hair frizz, hair loss, and split ends. 

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What are the Benefits of Awala Swaras for Skin?

Amla juice is a panacea for your skin. Beside its uncountable benefits like improving digestion, immunity, hair growth, liver health, etc. It also cures many skin-related problems.  

Take a look at the few benefits of amla juice for the skin:

  • Skin brightening is possible with the consumption of Awala Swaras as it contains antioxidant properties and vitamin C.
  • If you wish to achieve younger-looking skin, Amla juice is the best way to go forward. Get rid of premature aging with the prevention of dark spots, wrinkles, fine lines, etc. 
  • Pigmentation is a real problem for some. It is not easy to reduce it. However, Awala Swaras can make it easier for you. You can apply it to your face with cotton. Leave it for a few minutes, and rinse it off.  
  • Acne spots and Pimple scarring are common. You can treat them by applying Amla juice or paste. Even regularly consuming it will lead to lightning spots and scars. 
  • Lack of collagen causes sagging skin. Rich in Vitamin C, Awala Swaras boosts collagen cell production in the skin leading to soft and youthful skin. 
  • Amla Juice acts as a great cleanser whether consumed or applied. Use it as an exfoliant for removing dead skin. 

Now you know that with Awala Swaras, you can take years off your face. Not just this, it also acts as a hair tonic and prevents hair loss, dandruff, pigmentation, and more. 

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