Dense Cedarwood Aromatherapy Diffuser Oil

Relieves anxiety | Promotes rest
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Comforting and sedative– this is the perfect mountain remedy for relief from anxiety. A restorative remedy that helps clear the mind to increase concentration, promotes physical rest and encourages the onset of quality sleep. This strong woody, dry aroma is grounding & tranquil at the same time.

  • 100% Natural & Pure Oil
  • Premium aromatherapy diffuser oil for home use
  • Best used as a workplace aroma for those “days of concentration”
  • Leak proof cap
  • Built-in dropper for easy usage
  • High-quality glass bottle, with UV-resistant coating to preserve the aroma
  • 2 drops are ideal for a 45-60 min burn for a 150 sqr ft closed space
  • Best bought along with a Vilasa ceramic aroma diffuser


  • Mineral Oil free
  • GMO free

100% Pure Steam Distilled Essential Oil of Cedrus Deodara

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Who is this product suitable for?

Recommended for anyone wishing for a premium aromatherapy experience in their home of office space

Will this roll-on cause skin irritation or redness?

Yes – this oil is not to be used for skin application and is not fit for human consumption. Do not inhale directly. Avoid contact with eyes and any inner areas.

How to use this product?

Add 2-3 drops of this premium aromatherapy oil in a diffuser burner of choice. Please pre-fill the diffuser with water. Switch on / light the candle, and indulge in your personalized aromatherapy experience.

Where has this product been made?

This diffuser oil has been made in a world class FDA approved manufacturing facility near the border of New Delhi & Uttar Pradesh

When should I use this aromatherapy oil?

Any time of the day - as an office or outdoor fragrance.

What can I expect from this fragrance diffuser oil?

A strong dispersion in your workplace, that promotes peace and calm

What is the life of this diffuser oil?

The ideal life of this oil is 2 years (while we are a firm believer that natural oils don’t “expire”)

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