Aromatherapy Jewellery – Pure Silver Luck & Prosperity Silver Cage Pendant / Locket with choice of aromatherapy (Joy, Grounding, Love)

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Choose your VILASA aromatherapy mood:
Now it's easier than ever to Wear Your Mood wherever you are - in a meeting, while traveling, out with friends. Vilasa’s Aromatherapy Jewellery Collection with Fourseven lets you diffuse your oils on the go in style! Aromatherapy Jewellery Pure Silver Luck & Prosperity Cage Pendant, Locket with choice of aromatherapy gift set is the perfect choice for anyone in your life (or why not just for yourself!) who needs that little extra nudge that it's ok to relax, unwind and rest. Includes:
  • Choice between VILASA’s premium aromatherapy diffuser oil – you can chose your own mood
  • Fourseven’s Pure Silver Luck & Prosperity Cage Pendant - Faith. Hope. Love. God's Grace. These are the meanings behind the the luck and prosperity cage locket.
  • Set of 3 Lava Beads - that naturally absorb the diffuser oil
  • Instruction and care card, gift box


Choose your VILASA aromatherapy mood

  • Romance – Love in Paris oil
  • Joy – Valley of Flowers oil
  • Positivity – Dancing Meadows oil
  • Rest – Midnight Calm oil

Fourseven’s Pure Silver Luck & Prosperity Cage Pendant

Believed for centuries to bring good luck, the Luck and Protection Silver Book Charm provide good fortune to those who wear it. This unique and beautiful pendant is openable, you can hold the small stone or bead within it.

  • Made in pure 92.5 sterling silver
  • Skin friendly: non-allergenic; safe even for sensitive skin
  • Proudly imagined, designed and hand-crafted in India with love
  • Style Tip: This amazing locket pairs well with a silver chain and also you can add the bead and stone of your choice to add to its beauty and persona
  • Instruction and care card, gift box (with 3 lava beads)


Please follow the below instructions for the best experience:
  1. Please note that some essential oils may cause irritation if they come into direct contact with the skin. Always patch test your oils before using.
  2. To prevent the oil from falling on your clothing, please follow the below steps to enjoy your ‘wearable aromatherapy’:
    • Place the lava bead on a clean cloth or butter paper on a flat surface.
    • Add 1 drop of the essential oil onto the lava bead of choice. You may want to move the cloth gently to help spread the oil.
    • Let it rest for 30 seconds to 1 minute to allow the oil to absorb into the lava bead
    • Put the bead into your Silver Cage Locket
  3. Your Pure Silver Luck & Prosperity Silver Cage Pendant is now ready to act as your diffuser! Enjoy your own personalized aromatherapy experience
    Breathe in your chosen essential oil throughout the day and even the next! The lovely aroma of your chosen oil is always with you - just take a deep breath in and enjoy whenever you like!

Care Tips

To ensure your jewellery retains its beauty for years to come, store in airtight bags in a cool, dry place while not wearing and avoid chemicals, perfumes and excessive moisture. Use a soft cloth to gently clean your jewellery if needed.

Details about the jewellery

Colour Range: Silver

Dimensions: Length: 3 cm, Width: 1.7 cm, Height: 1.2 cm

METAL: Pure 925 Sterling Silver, Lead and Nickel Safe, Oxidised Sterling Silver

Country of Origin: India

Product Type: Pendants


This jewellery collection from FOURSEVEN & Vilasa incorporates pure and natural elements:
  • pure 925 sterling silver, no lead or nickel
  • pure lava stone beads
  • pure and natural diffuser oils
As our pieces are made with natural and high quality elements, you can be sure they are safe for your skin.

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