Apricot Oil

Helps reduce stretch marks | Fades wrinkles & fine lines
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A 100% natural, Cold Pressed, Single Origin oil from the wilderness of the Himalayas that helps delay signs of skin aging & restores the skin’s natural elasticity & suppleness. A light nourishing oil that soaks into your skin to revitalize you from within to reveal a supple and youthful complexion. Suited to all skin types, while being extremely effective for dry to normal skin.

How it helps

  • Delay signs of skin aging – fine lines & wrinkles
  • Revives skin's natural elasticity
  • Fights pigmentation and evens the skin tone
  • Leaves the skin hydrated, supple, and glowing
  • A natural emollient that leads to softer skin
  • Rich in anti-oxidants - helps heal blemishes
  • An age-old remedy to lighten stretch marks (especially post-pregnancy)
  • A great baby massage oil as well – naturally rich in Vitamin E & A


  • Cold Pressed
  • Single Origin
  • 100% Vegetarian
  • No Parabens
  • No Sulphates
  • Mineral Oil free
  • GMO free
  • Cruelty free
  • 100% Natural

Make everyday a celebration by indulging in the ultimate self care session featuring our Apricot oil. Slightly warm 2-3 drops of the Oil in between your palms and massage it on stressed or pigmented areas of your skin, make sure to take your love of the apricot from day to night with the apricot scented Age Defence Night Cream.

  1. Vilasa cares about delivering the best to you, thus our 100% Apricot Kernel Oil is made from Apricot seeds sourced from the wilderness of the Himalayas
  2. Vilasa’s Apricot Oil is delivered to you in its purest form - raw, unrefined and cold pressed
  • Body and facial use
  • Suitable for all skin types
  • Suitable for sensitive skin
  • Recommended for mature skin that needs care and attention
  • Recommended for reduction of stretch marks and pigmentation

Apricot Kernels

The secret to healthy, nourished skin straight from the upper reaches of the Himalayas. The seeds are sun-dried before being opened and crushed in a local slow moving “Kolu” to produce this light nourishing oil. Naturally rich in Oleic Acid; Vitamin E, A & C – the resulting oil is extremely nourishing, is an emollient (skin softening), helps in regenerating skin tissue, and promotes tighter skin

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Customer Reviews

Based on 54 reviews
Zeenat Agrawal
Natural Apricot Oil!!

Nowadays when everyone vouches for 100% natural products, I feel Vilasa apricot oil is truly chemical-free. I was looking for an oil that was just perfect for skin tightening and I bought it after my sister told me to buy it. In only two months, I can see a huge difference in my skin. Not just skin tightening, this oil also leaves my skin with an added glow. Now I use this oil almost every day. Very happy with this purchase.

Julie Sarraf
Great Product!

It's barely been a week since I bought the Vilasa Apricot oil and I feel like my skin has got its glow back. The reason I wanted to purchase this product in the first place was pigmentation. Mostly, I have used it at night and I can see that there is improvement in my skin tone. This is definitely a must-buy product!

Jasmin Das
Great Quality

Only after the first application, I could see that my skin looked glowy. I sometimes also use it as a moisturizer. I applied it continuously, for about 15 days and I could see my acne scars have started to fade. I really like this oil & will keep using it.

Wahid Prabhu
Great Result!

I have been using Vilasa apricot oil for the last three months. I bought this after my pregnancy for stretch marks and I am really impressed with its results. It is unbelievable that my stretch marks have started to reduce. I also use this oil for my face for moisturising it. This is a great purchase as this oil can be sued for more than a single skin issue.

Hassan Sarraf
Excellent product.

I have always had extremely sensitive dry skin and most of the products that I used in the past have not worked for me. I needed something for my dull skin and after my friend's recommendation, I tried Vilasa Apricot oil. I ordered the smaller size to try it out at first because I was really doubtful but it has done wonders for my skin. I have noticed that my skin has become more hydrated and glowing. Would definitely recommend it.


Who is this product suitable for?

Recommended for people more than 25 years old.

Is this product gender neutral?

Yes, this product is equally effective for all genders.

How does this oil fight wrinkles?

Vilasa’s Apricot Oil is rich in Oleic Acid (an Omega-9 Fatty Acid) that reduces the appearance of ageing and fights wrinkles, fine lines & sagging skin issues.

Where has this product been made?

This Product has been made in "R.I.AYURVEDA RESEARCH LABS, 36/3A & 36/3B, DILSHAD GARDEN, INDUSTRIAL AREA, G.T.ROAD, DELHI-110095 Mfg. Lic.: E(0116)/13/CM" , a world class FDA approved manufacturing facility near the border of New Delhi & Uttar Pradesh.

When should I use this oil?

We advise daily usage, once a day at bedtime.

Where should I use this oil?

Can be applied on body & face alike. Apply and massage onto any area that is stressed, dull or pigmented for healthy, nourished skin over 3-4 weeks.

What skin type is this oil suitable for?

Suitable for all skin types. However, we recommend a patch test for guests with sensitive skin or acne-prone skin.

What can I expect from this Apricot Oil?

A mild nutty aroma, and a pale-yellow colour tone.

What is the life of this Apricot Oil?

The ideal life of this apricot Oil is 2 years (while we are a firm believer that oils don’t “expire”)

What is the landscape on the packaging of the Apricot Oil?

The nourishment that nature and Mother Earth provide at night, with the gentle sounds of a river flowing in your thoughts to encourage a calm & peaceful sleep

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